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Learning Community

The OS Sketch community offers several ways in which you can grow in your knowledge of operating systems and your technical and engineering skills. Try out the following resources and let us know what you think!

  • GitHub Issue Tracker allows you to, for instance, offer feedback on this site and report a defect in the source code examples that it features. To get started, log into your GitHub account and click the green button called "New Issue".

  • GitHub Discussions Forum gives learners the opportunity to ask and answer questions about the projects on this site. Upon completion of a discussion you can mark the accepted answer and help out others who face the same challenge. To get started, log into your GitHub account and click the "New discussion" green button.

  • OS Sketch Discord Server provides a way for members of the OS Sketch community to use text and video to chat with each other. To get started, click the link and accept the invitation to join the community. After you have set up your account and connected it to your email address, you can start to participate in the discussion.

Community Advice

Sometimes you may not be sure which community forum you should use! Here is some advice to consider when you face this dilemma. You should use the community forum that best connects to your situation, as illustrated with these examples.

  • If you have a detailed technical question or need technical support with content on the OS Sketch web site, then you should ask it on GitHub Discussions Forum. Please note that the use of GitHub Discussions is ideal because it allows for the marking of an accepted answer to a technical question, which is not available through other community forums.

  • If you have a quick technical question about the site's content, then you should ask it on the OS Sketch Discord Server.

  • If you want to hang out, discuss the challenges you face as you learn more about operating systems, or share fun links to new systems and tools, then you should go to the OS Sketch Discord Server.

  • If you want to share or receive career advice with other people who are either exploring and working in the field of operating systems, then you should go to the OS Sketch Discord Server.

  • If you want to offer feedback about OS Sketch content, then you should create an issue in the GitHub Issue Tracker.

  • If you want to report a bug in either the source code or the written content on OS Sketch or make a suggestions for new content, then you should create an issue in the GitHub Issue Tracker.

Integration Guidelines

Commit Messages

  • Commit messages should follow the rules described by the Conventional Commits Standard. Here is an example:

    fix: Add the correct percentages to grading table in syllabus

Pull Requests (PR)

  • To ensure the creation of uniform pull requests (PR), you should follow these syntactic rules:

    • The first letter of the pull request (PR) title should be capitalized, and the first word should be in the imperative case.
    • There should not be a period at the end of the PR's title.
    • The description should be meaningful and concise (less than 50 characters).
  • So as to avoid unnecessary builds on Netlify, excessive pushes to pull requests should be avoided if possible. In order to preview your changes to the web site, please adopt the following process that requires Python and Poetry.

    • In the directory of the repository, run poetry install, then poetry run mkdocs serve.
    • To see the local build, copy the link and paste it into your browser.
    • In order to leave the local build, use control + c in the terminal.
  • When you create your PR, please add every member of the Integration team as reviewers. With that said, please note that only two approving reviewers are required to merge your pull request.

  • If your PR is a work in progress, mark it by putting 'WIP:' at the beginning of your PR name. Make sure you also make your PR a draft by clicking the draft button on the right side of the screen under the reviewers section. When you are ready to have your PR merged, remove the WIP in the PR name and mark it as Open by clicking the 'Ready for review' button in the merge box at the bottom of the PR.

  • Two reviews should be selected for each PR. One reviewer should originate from the creator’s team and the other from the integration team. Both of these reviewers should carefully review both the new source code and technical writing and the preview of the web site created by Netlify.

  • Once both reviewers have agreed that the PR does not have any mistakes, a member of the integration team or the course instructor will merge it and then Netlify's servers will build and deploy the site.

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